Professional Work

I am a Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, and previously served on the board.

I am available for commercial work, and have done many projects, including CGI of new spacecraft proposals. I have produced much more than is visible on this web site, mainly because I’d rather produce space art than maintain a web site…

I can also provide properly licenced soundtracks for the videos, in a wide range of styles, and to the required length, (not just fade in / fade out).

My current video showreel is available to view here:

And my Vimeo video channel is here:

I hove done extensive work on several space and astronomy documentaries for Magellan TV, including their productions on the planets Mars and Venus, and other works still currently in production.

I tend to specialise in unbuilt space projects, spacecraft of the Soviet Union, (particularly their crewed Lunar program), and British Rockets.

I was responsible for the chapter on digital space art in the Springer book: “Beauty of Space Art”.

Images and video can be licensed for publication, or use in presentations. Please use the contact form, or email me directly as nick dot peckham at gmail dot com

My email address

I studied Astronomy at University, I’m an Artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. I served on the board of that organisation for several years. I take pride in accuracy.

Amongst my previous projects are:

N1 for the Moon and Mars

Almost all the CGI for “N1 for the Moon and Mars”

N1 For the Moon and Mars
N1 For the Moon and Mars

Matt Johnson was kind enough to write: 

“His enthusiasm for the project never waned  and his contribution was substantial. His dedication to detail and ability to create in the CGI universe was staggering.  Nick’s enthusiasm for the work has cropped up again in a new edition that is being worked on at this time. All I can say is that if Nick is involved with your project, it will benefit greatly.”

A second edition is currently being written.

EARL spaceplane

I did the concept visualisation for the EARL re-usable sub orbital space-plane. 



Too many CD Covers to mention!

All India Radio

I have produced a few music videos for the band All India Radio:

Hiers of Ineptune

Ultra High Definition orbits of Saturn

Opening the High Frontier

Perspective free views of the main skyhook station.
Perspective free views of the main skyhook station.

I did the concept visualisation for Eagle Sarmont’s “Opening the High Frontier”. This included a video showing the typical mission profile, also many illustrations for his book.


Eagle was kind enough to write:

“Working with Nick was/is great! He made many wonderful and thoughtful suggestions that really improved the video. His attention to detail was fantastic and the finished product couldn’t have been better! I truly don’t know how anyone could ask for more.
Since that first video I have started a second project with Nick that will consist of a 3 part video with many different scenes. The preliminary scenes that have been roughed out are already fantastic and I have no doubt that the finished videos will be as visually dramatic as can be.
Nick is a professional who has also become a friend and I don’t know of anyone better for making realistic videos about space that are as visually dramatic as anything you see in a Hollywood movie. You will be lucky to get him for your project!”

Ron Miller’s “Spaceships”

  • Many, many  illustrations produced for Ron Miller’s “Spaceships
    Spaceships, the book

Ron was kind enough to say:

“The meticulous, and aesthetically beautiful, recreations of historic spacecraft that Nick did for ‘Spaceships’ were an invaluable contribution to the success of the book.”

Here’s Ron’s Wikipedia Page.

Sky and Telescope Calendar

This image of mine was selected for the cover of the 12017 Sky and Telescope Calendar, showing a view from beneath the rings of Saturn.

Saturn under the rings
This image shows the view from under the rings of Saturn looking towards the Sun. It was selected for the cover of the Sky and Telescope calendar for 2017.

Other Books

  • Illustrations in “Ask the Astronaut” by Tom Jones.
  • Several illustrations of advanced spacecraft concepts for “Earths of Distant Suns” by Michael Carroll.

My CGI models are not on sale on online, (so you won’t find me on sites like Turbo Squid), but I have sold models on an individual basis, so please contact me directly if you want to buy or licence one.

Thank You,

Nick Stevens