Here is a selection of recommended links, for those who like making or viewing astronomical art.

International Association of Astronomical Artists

iaaalogogold275IAAA – The International Association of Astronomical Artists. The body for all who are serious about their astronomical art! I am proud to be on the board of this association.

Saturn Imagery

ciclops-bannerCICLOPS, the Cassini Images page, a vast number of awesome images of Saturn.

Pluto Imagery

NH_pluto_logoLORRI image release of Pluto images.

NASA 3d object library

cloudsat-428x321NASA 3d object library.

A great place to get free meshes. Quality varies a lot, but the best are very good indeed!

Foundation 3d Graphics Forum

f3dFoundation 3D is my favourite 3D forum, I release some of my meshes there.

Free Astronomical Art Forum

insane1International Space Art Network. a great place for amateurs and professionals to share great space art. No membership fee!