Meanwhile, over at the Soviet Space Substack….

I’ve not done anything here for too long… Busy with paid work, and research into obscure Soviet Space programs.

But on the subject, I did set up a Substack where I have posted quite a few articles on that very subject. You can find the Soviet Space Substack here:

Substack front page
Front page of the Soviet Space Substack

Where it has loads of information on recently declassified information, primarily from the RGANTD State Archive.  

Most recent are two articles on the Glushko 1987 proposal for a crewed mission to Mars on a monster 200m long Nuclear Electric vehicle, which would require no less than 5 Energia launches.

You can find Part 1 here:

And Part 2 here:

And a whole lot more! As it’s a substack you can receive new posts by email if you wish, and the whole thing is 100% free.