Out of place astronauts

I have seen some rather good work which centres around astronauts being shown in situations they really don’t belong. It occurred to me that I had some rather good spacesuits, and a selection of settings, so perhaps I could have a go at images in the same style.

Then came a request for me to do something similar as an album cover.

This post shows the results so far…

In every case, a LOT of effort went into getting the lighting right. This led to high render times, but nothing too bad for stills. And it has to be done well to make the combination credible. Continue reading “Out of place astronauts”

Be careful what you wish for…

…you might get it!

Baphomet in the library
Be careful what you wish for…

This uses Daz Studio assets, though as usual I have exported them to lightwave.  For the pile of bones, I used Bullet Physics to drop a skeleton onto the floor, then cleaned up the arrangement.


The Frost Giant

A finished piece, with fairly heavy use of photoshop, to combine the different elements. Shadow for the figure was scribbled in manually.

Landscape and sky were rendered separately, everything in Lightwave 3d as usual. I’m not used to working sith such a restricted colour pallette, but I am very pleased with the results!

The planet object is available for full users of Foundation 3d, in Lightwave format.


Zorn Overlord

This was a bit of a quickie – exported from Daz Studio for rendering in lightwave 3d. A Zorn overlord.

I like the cheap content and posing capabilities of Daz Studio, but I really can’t get on with the renderer or lighting. All the user friendly qualities of a cornered rat,


Unused alien concept from “2001 A Space Odyssey”

Her’s my take on an unused concept for the Aliens in “2001”, as found in the excellent book by Piers Bizony.concept-p2

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