Short video clips

This page links to a selection of short video clips, often done just to show off a mesh when I finished it.

Saturn Orbit

A slow orbit of the planet Saturn in full HD, showing the rings from many angles and their shadows on the world below. Data files kindly provided by Bjorn Jonsson.


A flight across the Ringworld, Larry Niven’s alien megastructure. A world in the shape of a ring around its star. The inner disks provide night and day by casting shadows onto the inner surface of the ring, where the inhabitants live.


Flyby of a ringed exoplanet

A flyby viewing a blue gas giant planet and it’s huge complex ring system.


Simple animation of a planetary transit:

Manned Mars vehicle flyby.

Elite Docking Sequence

I did this before the recent release of Elite with much improved graphics. My attempt at a more photo realistic view of the Elite universe. Rendered in Lightwave 3d. Soundtrack put together with Sonic Fire Pro.

(And I know the docking port on Coriolis stations points downwards, but that would have stopped me getting the Earth into the background!)

Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank

This is one of the most detailed models I have ever attempted, done with the aid of a visit to the real thing, and many hundreds of reference photographs taken.