Longer video pieces

Here are a few of my longer video items.

For editing my video sequences I like to use Sonic Fire Pro for the soundtracks. The music is very expensive, but there are no licensing issues, and it is superbly effective at generating a piece to the length you require.

To actually edit the video I use Sony Vegas HD Platinum. Great value, and I find it much more powerful and intuitive than programs like Adobe Premiere Elements.

N-1 For the Moon and Mars

This is the promotional video I did for the book, “N-1 For the Moon and Mars”, a book detailing the soviet manned lunar program in general, and the huge N-1 rocket specifically.


Orbital Waltz

My take on the sequence from Earth to Moon, as seen in the film 2001, A Space Odyssey.

The Orion shuttle was modeled by B J West, everything else done by me. Sound track done in Sonic Fire Pro, also put together by me. Watch full screen please! I released the models on the Foundation 3D forums, so if you are a member you can have a go yourself.


Sundown by Javi Canovas.

I did many covers for electronic musician, Javi Canovas. I love the intricate nmested rhythms he excels at. This track is from is album “Psychedelic Voyage”.

Uranus flyby with Moons and rings


Flashing green circles added to show you where the moons are, everything to scale.

A flight through the Jupiter system

This video shows a flight through the Jupiter system, flying past the four largest Galilean satellites. Everything is to scale, which should help give you an idea of the sizes and distances involved.

Ancient wet Mars

This shows a possible early wet Mars. Everything modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d as usual. There are many river delta like features at the same altitude on Mars, which is VERY suggestive of a wet period billions of years ago. Though it may have been very brief, perhaps one single huge flood pouring out through the Mariner valley to the northern plains.