The Cosmic Exploration Card Decks

Strip of spacecraft playing cards

My latest commercial project is the Cosmic Exploration Card Decks, which is running as a Kickstarter.

Each card in the deck features a spacecraft, modelled for accuracy and detail. We have had test prints done, and the whole thing is ready to go to print as soon as, (if?), the kickstarter completes successfully.

The decks were put together by myself, (Artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists), and Jon Ramer, current president of the IAAA.

Card suits are primarily by Nation, so there’s one suit for American spacecraft, one for Russian and Soviet, and one for the rest of the world. The fourth suit consists of craft that carried living things, (mainly people), into space.

Photograph of the Spacecraft Deck test print
Photograph of the Spacecraft Deck test print

The traditional symbolism of the face cards is maintained by using astronaut’s faces in helmets, in the appropriate orientation.

Also note the hologram effect, which makes the spacecraft really pop!

Spacecraft Playing Card Deck
Spacecraft Playing Card Deck

There are two variations in decks, there’s a version we call “Red Dream” which features the Soviet Union beating Apollo to the Moon.

Soviet Union card deck with N-1 Rocket
Soviet Union card deck with N-1 Rocket

As the top kickstarter reward, you can even pay to have your own face Photoshoped into an astronaut helmet on one of the cards!

Please CLICK HERE to visit the kickstarter page!

List of spacecraft on the cards:

Diamonds: Russian / Soviet:

GIRD-X, R1-D, Vertikal, Interkosmos, Zenit 2, Tsyklon, Angara A5, Sputnik 1, Semyorka, Soyuz, Proton, Buran-Energia, N1, LK Lander.

Spades: USA

Goddard Rocket, White Sands V2, Aerobee 350, Delta II, New Shepard, Delta IV, Mercury Redstone, Gemini Titan, Saturn 1B, Falcon Heavy, Space Shuttle Stack, Saturn V, Apollo Capsule.

Hearts: Other Nations:

Maul Camera Rocket, German V2, Black Brant (Canada), Black Arrow (UK), Europa (ESA), Vega (ESA), Long March 3, (China), H2AA (Japan), GSLV 3 (India), Ariane 5, (ESA), X37B (USA), Long March 5, (China), Blue Moon Lander. 

Clubs: Crewed Spacecraft

Sputnik 2 (USSR, Laika!), Vostok 1, (USSR), Mercury, (USA), Voskhod, (USSR), Gemini (USA), Soyuz TMA (USR), Shenzhou 2 (China), Buran (USSR), Space Shuttle (USA), Orion (USA), Dream Chaser (USA), Apollo CM (USA), Apollo LEM (USA).

Note that the “Red Dream” deck features some appropriate substitutions, such as the LOK replacing the Apollo CM, and more!

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