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twitter-banner1You can find me on Twitter here:

IAAA Twitter Account

twitter-banner2And I run the IAAA twitter account, available here:

insaneMy page on the International Space Art Network is here:

My other web site is here:

The other site has a lot more stuff, largely because I’m a lot less discriminating about what I post there! So there are loads more fractals, photos. and non-space art images in general.

My Vimeo page:


I’ve been gradually moving my animations from YouTube over to Vimeo, mainly because of the better quality streaming video, but you don’t get the crappy adverts. I’ve kept some stuff over there though, as linked in the next section of the page…

My YouTube Channel:


Like I said above, most of the finished pieces are on Vimeo at better quality, but there’s a lot of stuff from WIP’s, and demo scenes on YouTube.

Nick on Youtube