2001 A Space Odyssey – Alternate Space Station Design.

Alternate design for the 2001 Space Station, (unused)

My favourite film, without a doubt is the stunning “2001 A Space Odyssey”. Even all these years after its release, it still manages to look credible and futuristic.

I have now finished the model of the alternate design for the 2001 Space Station. This mesh is based on sketches in the excellent book “The 2001 File” by Christopher Frayling. The bulk of the book is the design sketches by Harry Lange that were done for the spacecraft concepts used in the film.

The sketches were basic, so I added lots of details from the design actually used in the film.

I’ve also made a short animated video to show it off, I recommend watching in HD if possible!

And here’s a selection of stills I rendered. The scale of the Orion shuttle is a bit of a problem – in the film Kubrick shrank the scale of the shuttle a LOT, to avoid it dominating the elegant space station.

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