Cosmonauts exhibition at the London Science Museum

Various photos…

Here’s a selection of photos from the “Cosmonauts” exhibition at the London Science Museum.



This shows the arrangement used for for the ‘space dog’ Laika. Laika (meaning “little woofer”), was a stray found on the streets of Moscow. The scientists later said that what they learned was not worth the life of a dog.



On the left is the suit proposed for exploring Mars, and on the right the “Orlan” EVA space suit.

Sputnik 3


The third Soviet satellite. It was originally intended to be the first satellite to be launched, but the first Soyuz / R7 rocket was not capable of orbiting the heavier weight of Sputnik 3.



Venera was the first probe to successfully land on the planet Venus.  (“Venera” is the Russian word for “Venus”)

Vostok 6


This is the actual Vostok capsule that carried Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.

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