Current Work In Progress, Delta II rocket

CGI Work in Progress, Delta II rocket

I decided I really ought to go back and finish up the Delta II rocket. There were no real blockers, I just let it slip somehow…

As is often the case I like a spacecraft with a distinctive shape, and it’s also cool that I can easily make several variations with different logos and numbers of boosters.

Here’s how it’s coming along!


And vertically:

delta-2-seq0032x delta-2-seq0020xRight now though, there’s something I don’t quite understand. The exhaust bells of the smaller boosters have 3 black marks around the rims. But in one reference image, they clearly show as notches, and I have never seen anything like this elsewhere.

See photos below.

a-1Note the black tape. And next up, the notches. Indicated by the red arrows.


What is going on?!?! What are the notches for?


I got a response to this on Twitter, from none less than @torybruno, President and CEO United Launch Alliance !

He explains: The notches are there to support alignment fixtures. Once motors are aligned, we back-fill with cork and thermal RTV.

Thanks Tory, much appreciated!

So it looks like I will not need to cut out the notches.

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    1. Good idea – but if you check the updated post, I got feedback from none other that the president and CEO of the ULA!

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