Classic 1930’s space cruiser

Space Cruiser WIP

It occured to me that I really don’t remember ever seeing one of those really old pulp SF cover space cruisers done in a modern CGI style. You know, the ones that look like a cross between a Zepellin and an express steam train:



Portholes along the side, rocket ‘tube’ clusters at the back, long flashy fins, and no apparent space for any fuel.

Well, I’ve decide to do one myself, and plug the gap.

I’m experimenting as I go along here, so there are likely to be all sorts of changes along the way, but I’m happy with the start.

cruiser-square space-cruiser_rgb0750Somewhat to my surprise the rear sections have come together very fast, but I clearly need more detail on the nose.

This is still experimenting with the shapes that work, so expect more detail on the porthols, engine, and other elements, once the design settles down.

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