Buck Rogers – The Original Rocket

The Satellite

I’ve just finished up “The Satellite”, the original 1930’s design for the Buck Rogers Rocket. References were a bit contradictory, so I would not be surprised if you find some that look a bit different.

Buck Rogers Reference Buck Rogers ReferenceHere are some of the more unusual features:

  • It’s a tractor rocket. By which I mean the rockets are at the front and it is pulled by them, rather than pushed.
  • It has four retro rocket tubes at the front.
  • It lands by balancing on it’s tail! Not very stable…
  • It had four weapons blisters with slots down the side.

Under power near Earth:

The Satellite, Buck Rogers RocketFloating Free near Earth.

The Satellite, Buck Rogers RocketTractors rockets firing to depart Earth.

The Satellite, Buck Rogers RocketPerspective Free views:

The Satellite, Buck Rogers RocketThis was really quick to model, and a lot of fun.


One thought on “Buck Rogers – The Original Rocket”

  1. Congratulations, you have made a good looking model, from really ugly sources! I have been using sketchup & may try this one. However, sketchup won’t do mirror surfaces.

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