Classic space cruiser, finished renders

1930's classic space cruiser passing the moon

Right! The space cruiser is now done. I struggled a bit with the nose until I decided to make it a dome, and then added the spike, and the scallopped textures around it.

These renders are deliberately not done in a very realistic style. To be specific:

  • The environment reflected in the chrome is not in the scene
  • The lighting is very broad, not accurate for a smape scene.
  • Lighting directions may not match properly, I’ve gone for drama over realism.

So I’ll be interested to hear if people think it works or not.

planet-departxI think this one is my favourite – I’m using a terraformed Mars as the planet.

launchingxAn Earth departure scene.


Arrival. (Planet is a remapped Mars again!)


Flying past Earth. I was tempted to rotate this so the cruiser goes vertically…

space-cruiser_orthoxOrthographic views, (perspective free).

This project was a lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “Classic space cruiser, finished renders”

  1. Here’s an interesting comment I got from one of my friends…

    I like the idea of the ’30s space ship, but it is incomplete! Instead of the modern rocket engine, it needs that lazy trail of smoke like you’d see in a Flash Gordon movie 🙂

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