Cosmic Postage Stamps – 1

Postage Stamp Vostok 3 & 4

I was recently given some postage stamps, mainly covering the achievements of the Soviet Union during the early days of the Space Age.

It occurred to me that they might be of interest to those who read this blog. After all, there can’t me much astronomical art that is more widely seen. And probably no other space art that people get to lick…

Postage Stamp

Early Soviet satellites, on a 1 ruble stamp.

Postage Stamp

Stamp celebrating the “Intercosmos” mission in 1978, with Germany joining the Soviet Union in a Soyuz capsule.

Postage Stamp

Space probe, antenna and cosmonaut in Lunar Orbit. 4 Kopeck stamp?

Postage Stamp

A not very realistic portrait of Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space, on board Vostok 6.

Postage Stamp

I particularly like this one! The “automatic station” Mars 2 probe approaches a very ‘old school’ rendition of Mars|

Postage Stamp

Celebrating the life of Yuri Gagarin in 1984. I really like the ascending stylised cosmonaut in the background.

Postage Stamp

Very much in the style of the heroic propaganda posters, this 6 Kopeck stamp celebrates the Vostok 3 and 4 missions.

More to come soon!


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