Bono’s Hyperion, finished renders

Ortho header Hyperion

Some finished renders of the Hyperion, Phil Bono’s SSTO design.

This view has some perspective, and I have added a figure for scale.

The Hyperion coasting over Earth.

And another view at orbital altitude.

Perspective free Hyperion SSTOHere are some perspective free views, two with the legs down, and two with the legs up. Note that I also added a small human figure for scale in the bottom left!

As usual, all this was done in Lightwave 3d.

3 thoughts on “Bono’s Hyperion, finished renders”

  1. Is it just me or does that look like a large version of the Dragon v2 from SpaceX? The Dv2 seems to be designed to land and take-off from Mars, which with it’s thinner atmosphere and lower surface gravity requires a lot less dV to reach orbit.

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