Earths of Distant Suns by Michael Carroll

Daedalus size comparison

eods1There’s a new book out by Michael Carroll, covering possible earthlike worlds around other stars, and how we might reach them.

And several of my images are in there, in the advanced propulsion sections! I’ve not got very far into it yet, but so far it’s impressive, and the artwork is very nicely printed.

It’s here on amazon UK:

And here on Amazon USA:

Amongst the images used are several of my Nuclear Pulse Orion, Daedalus interstellar, and my visualisation of a Bussard Ramjet.

Bussard ramjet
Bussard Ramjet design, note the Daedalus first stage!
Daedalus interstellar
Daedalus interstellar, the BIS design for a starship
Orion Nuclear Pulse
An early version of the Orion Nuclear Pulse spacecraft.

He was also kind enough to put a personal thank you note into my copy!

book dedication

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