“Spaceships” by Ron Miller. (And me!)

Spaceships title

Today I received my copy of Ron Miller’s new book, Spaceships! And I provided quite a few images for it.

Spaceships, the book

And here’s my review of it, (OK, so I can’t be 100% objective, but what the heck!)

The territory it covers is similar to his previous  book, “The Dream Machines”, but it is very differently structured. Whereas that was almost entirely black and white, this one is stuffed full of colour illustrations, on pretty much every page. And they cover quite literally everything from toys to serious starship designs. Also the previous book was very strictly organised by date, and “Spaceships” is organised around themes, such as rocket planes, lifting bodies, and single stage to orbit, as shown below.

img_4839(The pictures of ROMBUS are by me.) And here’s a double page spread of my SANGER II spaceplane:

Sanger SpaceplaneI can honestly say I have never seen a book so richly illustrated with such an incredibly broad range of spacecraft. I’m very proud to be part of the project.

And here are small versions of some of the images I did that appear in the book.

side-aCanadian Arrow, modern V2 based design

earl-whizzerEARL, a design for a sub-orbital re-usable launch vehicle

Link to UK amazon page:

Link to US amazon page:

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  1. Thanks for all the nice words, Nick! The book would not have been nearly as nice without your generous contributions!

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