Delta II rocket complete!

Delta II rocket

Right, I may twiddle and tweak a bit, but I am calling this one done.

mars-pathfinder-rocketI’ve done various configurations, but (at least so far), I am only doing one fully textured version. And that’s the Mars Pathfinder version above!

The others use generic textures, rather than depict one specific mission.

Here are a couple of perspective free sets:

delta-ortho-4-pairsx ortho-set-pathfinder

Note the way that there are two different booster sizes, 3,4 or 9 boosters, The 9 booster version sometimes has three boosters with larger exhaust bells – these are optimised to fire up at higher altitude. Also four different fairing designs.

And here are a few perspective renders.

d2-pathfinder0039xnarrow-3x-large0020x d2-pathfinder0034xMaybe I’ll come back to it, and model the vernier rockets next time!


All done in Loightwave 3d as usual.

2 thoughts on “Delta II rocket complete!”

  1. I have recently restored an old Delta 2 scratch built model rocket and I’m looking for the four water slide decals on the McDonell Douglas version. Do you have available for purchase a decal sheet?
    Marty Lemons

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