More Amberlight 2 experiments

Amberlight 2 image

I’m getting a much stronger sense of control now wiuth Amberlight. And thanks to some prompt support, now know how to zoom the elements in and out, as opposed to the images.

I must admit, I ‘m still struggling to get my head around the animation system though, and have yet to produce one successfully

Amberlight 2 image
Energy beast

Amberlight is very good at filaments of energy style effects.

Amberlight 2 image
Energy cores
Amberlight 2 image
Ocular radar

Or maybe a fractal oscilloscope!

Amberlight 2 image

I do sometimes get blocks of solid colour I find hard to remove, and this is an example of that.

Amberlight 2 image
Psycho Delia

I’m really pleased with this one, looks like it would not be out of place at the end of “Space Odyssey”

Amberlight 2 image
resonant jets

The cool stuff is happening in the fainter finer details here…

Amberlight 2 image
Sparks in the wind

Another one with a sense of heat and energy I think.

Amberlight 2 image
Energetic bow shock

Worth mentioning that it was nice and easy to tune this, by adjusting the position and strength of the effectors. The right hand part evolved into the “Energy Beast” above near the top.

As usual, click on the smaller images to see a larger one.

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