Mars Nuclear Thermal Spacecraft

Mars manned nuclear thermal spacecraft perspective free

I recently realised that I hadn’t blogged this design, which I did a few years ago. I realised this after seeing an image I had provided of it for a board game had been bodged onto a new background, and looked awful. So I figured I should get my version online ASAP!

This is a serious NASA design for a nuclear craft capable of reaching Mars.

Note the Bigelow style habitat module, the “Nerva” style engines, and (my addition) European ATV. I also added the ISS cupola, as I figured the crew would appreaciate the view! šŸ™‚

Here’s a view of the habitat end:

The view from the other end:

And a version of the perspective free title image, that you can enlarge.

As usual, everything done in Lightwave 3d.

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