Progress with the UR-700 moon rocket

UR-700 Rocket, work in progress, Ortho view

Right! The launch state version is coming together rather nicely. There are some deails still to be done, and the surfaces need some work, but I’m begining to see how the finished one will look.

It’s not going to be super accurate, but I was really pleased that my Russian friends like it.

The colours are arbitrary to a degree, but I think I have a sound justification for them.

Here’s an exploded view, to show all the elements:

And a view looking down from the front. The fairings around the centre top module are covers for the modules of the lunar vehicle, and the sloping tubes beneath are only there for streamlining, nothing inside.

And here’s the alternate perspective free side view, directly aligned to the booster pairs.

One twitter friend has already asked if I plan to animate a lunar mission. To be honest, at this stage I’m really not sure. I don’t want to just redo my N-1 video with a different craft.

But it’s certainly a tempting idea…



2 thoughts on “Progress with the UR-700 moon rocket”

  1. Hey , really nice job,
    I was wondering what program you used to create the rocket, Thanks!

    1. I’m using Lighwave 3d.
      I keep trying to find the time to learn Modo! But it’s always quicker to use the tool I know best.

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