Saturn – And the Sky and Telescope Calendar 2017!

Saturn renders:

Saturn and Ring System
Saturn and Ring System

I am extremely proud that this year, one of my renders made the cover of the Sky and Telescope Solar System Calendar! That’s the one for 2017

It’s actually not a very recent render, I have since done quite a bit of work on my Saturn mesh. The ring system uses data by Björn Jónsson, which is available online here:

Bjorn is an absolute master at processing image data, and it really shows.

Here are a couple more renders of Saturn:

Satun Backlit
Satun Backlit
Saturn and rings from the sideSaturn and rings from the side
Saturn and rings from the side

You can click to see larger versions. And as usual, all done in Lightwave 3d.


I also did a video, showing the planet and rings from a slow, circling viewpoint, which is available on Vimeo, in full HD:

I hope you like it!


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