More explorations in Vue – Using Haze and Fog, 3d planets

Luna by the sea

I’m continuing to spend most of my graphics time in Vue recently, and I think I am starting to feel comfortable with it. I’m still getting occasional frustrations, but I’m feeling a lot more in control.

One lightbulb moment was when I realised I did NOT have to use the included billboard planet options for planets! But could use full 3d objects which then pick up the light from the Sun, and are properly affected by the haze and fog. A good example is the ringed planet in the banner image for this post, at the top. (Note the tiny astronaut at the top of the cliffs!)

And here’s another:

Alien cityscape with ringed planet
Alien cityscape with ringed planet

I’m going for a “Star Wars” vibe with this one.

Alien mountain with ringed world
Alien mountain with ringed world

I need to make more detailed ring systems though, these are too simple to work really well.

Something else I want to explore is getting a sense of great depth and scale, by using haze and atmosphere on very large objects. It’s much more science fiction than II usually go for, but this is largely about learning new techniques at this stage. Like this.

UFOs in the desert haze
UFOs in the desert haze
The Approaching Storm
The Approaching Storm – megaship at dusk

This last is one of my recent favourites, I’m very pleased with the oli-painting style colours, and the clouds andf haze give exactly the depth effect I was hoping for. The ocean is an off the shelf object, by the alwayys impressive “Quadspinner”. You should check out the products if you are a Vue user.

More soon.

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