N-1 For the Moon & Mars, a second edition.

Liquid Hydrogen advanced version N1

I’m pleased to announce that we are going ahead with a second edition of the book, “N-1 for the Moon and Mars”.

If you would like to be kept informed of progress, I have set up a newsletter that will report details, and share some early views of new content. You can sign up here:


I expect to post short updates every week or two.

The first edition has been pretty much impossible to get hold of for some time, with stupid money being asked for a copy.

Cover, 1st Edition, N-1 for the Moon & Mars
Cover, 1st Edition, N-1 for the Moon & Mars

What will be added in the new edition?

It’s still being finalised, but things we are confident we will be able to include are:

  • Many, many new photographs of the rockets and other Crewed Lunar hardware, at superb quality.
  • More and larger photos of relics, from Vladimir Antipov.
  •  Coverage and plans of the other rockets considered for the program, such as the UR-700 and the R-56.
  • Plans, photos  and renders of the test versions of the LK Lander.
  • Other, unbuilt versions of the N-1 with plans and renders, including the original design version, (with 3 different fairing configurations), the advanced version with liquid hydrogen upper stages, and fluorine upper stages.
  • Plans and renders of the original mission profile, using multiple launches of the lower power, “Mark Zero” N-1, with tanker craft, and the 7K-L3 Soyuz version.
  • The G-1-E version, The CIA concept of what the N-1 looked like.
  • Major upgrade to the ugly little cosmonaut who kept popping up to show scale!

We are open to ideas for what else should be in there, (assuming we have the content to fulfil the request), so let me know in the comments of you have any suggestions.

So, how much? When?

Well, right now we can’t say. I’m working on the models, and many are already done. But there’s a lot to do. My current best guess is that we would have the content ready early next year, 2021.

How much? Hard to say again, but we think that the high quality photos and plans are the key part, and we want to add as many of these as we possibly can. So it’s likely to be quite a bit thicker, and a bit more expensive.

We really want to add a lot, so that people who already have the first edition will consider it good value.

Some Pictures…

And here are some pictures for you, of the kind of stuff we are working on.

Tanker mission components
Tanker mission components
Detail photo of the N1 launch gantry
Detail photo of the N1 launch gantry
Liquid Hydrogen advanced version N1
Liquid Hydrogen advanced version N1
N1 Mark Zero, small tanker fairings
N1 Mark Zero, small tanker fairings
N1 weight model
N1 weight model – click for larger. This image has been significantly reduced in resolution!

30 thoughts on “N-1 For the Moon & Mars, a second edition.”

  1. Really good stuff. Good to see Britain’s contribution included. Will you be doing any more?

    1. Well, it’s still a long way off, we will be doing well to be ready by the end of the year.

      I haven’t got a notification list yet, (maybe I should start one), but keep an eye on the ARA Press site if you want to see when it’s getting close.

  2. Awesome news. I am writing a novel where the N-1 is a major player and have been dreaming of finding an affordable copy of this book for a while now. I can’t wait.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Awesome! I would love to get a copy as I missed out on the first edition. I will keep an eye out but in case you will be starting a notification list I’d love to be included in it. Congratulations on such a cool project!

  4. I will. I’m only two chapters in, I like the way it’s flowing. I expect there’s an outside chance I can beat George R. R. Martin, though. LOL!

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised by the level of interest here!

      I’m not setting up a notification list yet, but keep an eye on this web site, or follow me on Twitter as @Nick_Stevens_Gr, https://twitter.com/Nick_Stevens_Gr

      It’s stuill a long way off as there’s a lot of work to do…

  5. Super excited for this! I actually just picked up my copy of the first edition, which is what reminded me of your website! Good luck, and I can’t wait for the second edition

  6. Love it. Too bad about ARA press, I’m a big fan of theirs, but Covid’s been hard on a lot of businesses.
    I do want a physical book, and I would really like to see the fold-outs. Have you considered using something like Redbubble for those of us that want them?

    1. Right now we are focused on the main print book, then it will be the eBook version.
      Once we are through that we will look at what else we can do with all the stuff we have assembled.

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