N-1 – Restarting work on the Manned Soviet Lunar Program.

Wide view of N-1 laiunch area

I’ve restarted working on the models I did of the manned Soviet Lunar program, with a view to taking them to the next level.

I’m starting with the rotating gantry, here are the old and new versions of the hub:

hub2 hub1

Here’s a reference shot, lookinmg down at the hub from the tower, grabbed from video.attachment

I thought of quite a few significant improvements I could make, and I think it’s worth doing.

I did start some of this a while back, but managed to trash the files with the improved gantry somehow. And I really hate redoing things…

  • The whole gantry and rotating tower can be improved considerably.
  • I never used the somewhat rough versions of the launchpad scenery I started on.
  • The lightning towers and lighting towers were very basic.
  • I want to do the internal structure of quite a bit of the rocket, where I have the references. Support cone for the tanks, thermal bridge, inside the fuel line covers, plumbing.
  • I have the improved engines, which can tuck into the existing models.
  • I have the photos of the LK Lander, taken at the London Science Museum, and can soup that up quite a bit.
  • And I >>think<< I can maybe have a sensible shot at the N1-8L and N1F

As far as I am aware there is not one photo of the whole 8L, but I have some descriptions, and photos of broken up parts. And it had a clear difference in paint finish. And I found ONE decent reference to the new upper stage planned for the N1F.

So I think I can have a shot at a credible rendering of these almost undocumented versions.

And for those who never saw it the first time around, here’s the video I did for the kickstarter that got the book published.

I still late that landing at the end though, downright embarressing!

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